What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety disorders and OCD generally focuses on reworking thinking patterns that keep us stuck and experimenting with new behaviors in an effort to get us closer to the lives we want to live.  When people start CBT, they will often be put to work in an effort to try to get better as soon as possible.  In my experience, usually by the time people seek treatment they are ready to start feeling better right away! Although I wish those changes could be made overnight, it often takes quite a bit of work.  My goal is to help a person through that work while also providing a compassionate atmosphere that gives room for a person to go at the pace that is the most comfortable for that specific individual.

CBT is one of the most researched of all the psychotherapies and is the one most often recommended for people with anxiety disorders and OCD.  The best part of being a CBT therapist is seeing my patients get what they want in their lives!