Is this a Panic Attack?

Have you been experiencing sensations in your body that make you think you are having a heart attack?  Do you get lightheaded, dizzy, feel unsteady, or have trouble breathing during these times?  Does it come as a rush, often out of the blue, and terrify you that you are going to die or lose control?  Have doctors told you that you are fine physically but you continue to have these scary physical sensations?  Perhaps you’ve been to the emergency room when you’ve had these sensations, as you feared for your life, and they told you everything seems to be working just fine and that you were having a panic attack.

These sensations can be terrifying and you may have given up so many things in your life that they really enjoy, such as exercising, driving, traveling on planes, or even leaving the house… all in an effort to keep yourself (and others) safe.  It’s certainly understandable that you do this, as you may feel your life is on the line.  But it likely frustrates you to no end as there is a wonderful, big world out there you likely feel you’re missing…

Cognitive behavioral therapy is designed to help you learn what these sensations are all about, help you understand there is nothing to fear (even when it seems like there is!), and help you get back to doing the things you loved.  You may even decide you want to try a new adventure or two!