Making an Appointment

For potential patients:

Before making a first appointment, I think it is important for us to talk by phone to determine if we would be a good match for working together.  This will give you a chance to let me know what struggles you are looking for help with and whether my areas of specialization (OCD, Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia, Social Anxiety, Phobias) seem well suited to get you on the path to feeling better.  Please note I do phone consultations only for potential patients ages 18 and up.  To schedule a phone consultation, please click on “phone consultation request,” below.  Feel free to find a time that works for you!

Phone consultation request

If no phone consultation slots are open, that means all slots for the next several weeks have already been scheduled. Feel free to email me at to try to set up a time instead.

There is no charge for a phone consultation, which is generally 15 minutes.

For current patients:

If you want to schedule an extra appointment, or if the appointment we have scheduled no longer works for you, feel free to use the link below (“Appointment request for current patient”) to make appointments or make appointment modifications.  Just sign in as an “existing client” and go to the “appointments” tab.  Available appointments for the next month are detailed.  Thank you!

Appointment request for current patient

Regular appointments are $160 for 45 minutes.