Debbie Warman, PhD, HSPP, ABPP

Debbie Warman

I am a licensed clinical psychologist and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is my great passion – it is amazing to watch people overcome their anxiety and live the life they have been hoping for.  My love for CBT is due to one main reason: it works so well. The sooner a person can get back to doing the things their anxiety told them they couldn’t do, the better.  I love working with people who have anxiety disorders and OCD because in my experience they come in, they work hard, and they get better.

CBT is embedded in everything I do, including how I designed my therapy office.  CBT is designed to be collaborative — a teamwork between the therapist and the client. Rather than sitting on a couch or sitting in chairs across the room from one another, I sit with my clients at a table and we work together, as a team. We write together, form strategies that may help get through challenging times together, and conduct various therapeutic experiments together. The goal of CBT is to be able to be your own therapist after a while, so the more you are involved in the process, the better. My philosophy is: Let’s get to work. You’ve been suffering long enough.

In case you are curious about my CBT specific training and credentials, I have listed some of those here (with links for each for additional information) —

As you can likely see, I take my CBT very seriously!  The best part of my work, though, is noting what is unique about each individual and tailoring treatment for just that person. No two people are exactly alike, so no two people will have identical treatments.  Your active involvement in the therapy process is the true key to getting better.

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